Men’s Waistcoats

Special occasions call for special attention to detail – something which is always in the minds of the Mr. Munro team as we source the finest men’s waistcoats for our discerning customers.

We understand, these are probably not items that you’ll be wearing every day so when you do pick them out of your wardrobe, you only want the very best.

Classy, sophisticated and suave; a good waistcoat is the sign of a true gentleman. At Mr. Munro, we cater for everyone. Whether you need a waistcoat for a one-off event (our tweed waistcoats are perfect for weddings) or if you are in the market for a waistcoat to travel the world with you on business, our team are proud to offer each customer a great selection of garments and we are sure there is one to suit your personal style and needs.